Hey, I am Morgan! I am currently suffering with a large case of OUAT and Captain Swan obsession... And this blog is my personal little piece of heaven. Whilst on my blog you will most definitely come across lots of Colin O'Donoghue. Jennifer Morrison will also flood your screen on my blog! And it is the combination of this flawless duo that form the stunning ship that is Captain Swan...They have been burnin' up our tv screens for a while now, with their beautiful acting and smokin' eye-sex. I also ship couples like Snowing, Rumbelle and of course thee epic BROTP that is Captain Charming! I am more than happy to discuss any and all ships with you, so just pop by my ask! Even if it is just to say hi, I don't bite... Hard !
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I can finally pay a visit to my little sister.

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"She’s not just a ship. She’s more than that."

"She’s not just a ship. She’s more than that."

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captain swan + now kiss profiles

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Whoever runs the Taco Bell twitter is pretty cool.

OH WOW. My post just reached over 500,000 !? well then.

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For my next 100 I said i’d make a follow forever. I love all my follows so much and enjoy freaking out over everything captain swan, all the theories and just everything with ya’ll, its a blast. So here you go!


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THANK YOU!!  OH, gosh, thankkkkksss! This is so nice of you :o) U just made my day, girlie. *Penguin kisses you*

Congrats on the new 100, you deserve em’. 

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Captain Hook + Pretense

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Whatever happened this past year; 
Whatever you're not telling me
I don't care.

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