Okay, you guys are the best, most supportive, hilarious and lovely fellow crew of the good ship Captain Swan and I have LOVED being a part of it all this year. So as a thankyou (and to celebrate Emma Swan’s birthday!), I have a few things to give away to you that I’ve had printed up from my paintings.

 I’d like to give 7 people who follow me a set of the following:

 1x ‘Observing Tradition' Xmas Greeting card (blank) plus envelope so you can either keep it or choose to pay it forward to another CS fan. If you do this, let me know and I will throw in an extra magnet for that person. 

 1x ‘My other ride is the Jolly Roger' vinyl sticker. Perfect for car or bike or whatever vessel you Captain.

1x random postcard.

1x small ‘Stargazers' magnet. 

All posted to you in a lovely white envelope with a stamp on it. 

I will pick people at random who reblog this post before Friday morning 24th Australian Eastern time (this Thursday night for most of you). (I use the closed eyes, scroll and point trick)

If you’re picked I’ll let you know by Friday night via ask/fanmail. You must be okay with giving me your name and address but I will keep it confidential of course. All countries welcome.

THANKYOU Lovelies! *hugs*

You look stunning, Swan.


#Killian embracing Emma #Emma not caring how many hands he has #only caring that he’s holding her 


Is anyone else having a problem voting? I type the name of the person (Colin) but it won’t let me submit/cast it…

I really need my own place.


you look stunning, s w a n.

                     y   o  u   l  o  o  k … i know.

Hello lovely people :-)
I am really in need of a beta for the Prologue of my CS Safe Haven AU!
I would like someone to be critical and tell me if something sounds wrong and/or grammar etc… If that’s something you would be interested in helping me with then I would very very much appreciate extra sets of eyes :p

what the hell?

elise white