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Please don't see this as hate or rudeness, but how did you become such a huge Graham stan when he was only in 7 episodes? What got you so hooked?

swannsavior replied:


Hi nonnie! Sorry for the late reply but I was away and I’m not too fond of typing long answers on my phone, you know.

You’re right - he was only in 7 episodes. And then he was in two flashbacks - with Charming and “Welcome to Storybrooke”. Not a whole lot of time to win someone over, but he surely did in my case. Because quality over quantity.

So here’s the list of the things that made me stan for Graham:

  • His lame jokes are adorable. In a show full of people who are sassy and borderline rude, a lame joker is a gem.
  • As Huntsman, he took pity on Snow and spared her life putting himself and his family (the wolves) in danger. He hated people but he saw the kindness and innocence in Snow and decided it was worth breaking the deal with Regina (which - I remind you - he used to protect creatures who raised him, it wasn’t even anything for him in this “transaction”).
  • Even as Regina’s heartless prisoner, he helped Charming get out of Regina’s castle. It probably led to more torture and Regina’s wrath. But he finished what he started - he saved Snow’s life once again, allowing her and Charming to find their happy ending and allowing Emma to be conceived.
  • Graham was genuinely worried about Henry and, dare I say, he really liked the kid. He pointed out to Regina that her feud with Emma would only harm Henry. And when he was in doubt of himself, he reached out to Henry.
  • I liked how Graham, when in need, was open-minded enough to follow his instincts, follow the wolf, turn for help to Henry, ask about past lives. In real life I just enjoy being around people who look for answers a little deeper, in places some would perceive as ridiculous or impossible.
  • I loved how Graham decided to stand up for himself, how he decided not to settle. I love this quote

"I’ve realized that I don’t feel anything, Regina, and I know now it’s not me - it’s you. I’m leaving you for me. […] I’d rather have nothing than settle for less. Nothing is better than what we have. I need to feel something, Regina, and the only way to do that is to give myself a chance."

I think this is very empowering. It’s extremely saddening that his courage and strength to fight for himself and get out of this toxic relationship resulted in his murder.

  • I love his chemistry with Emma. It is not the same chemistry she has with Killian, but has a different kind of sweetness and shyness to it. By offering Emma the job of his deputy, he took a chance on her because no one really knew her, yet he trusted her. He helped her set the roots in Storybrooke and gave her  a job she eventually grew to like enough to fight for it. Not to mention that he gave Emma that flame of hope and made her smile the most beautiful and hopeful smile ever.
  • It is my impression that even Mr.Gold was fond of him in a way and that’s saying something.
  • Huntsman was a badass, excellent assassin, but he cried over dead wild animals. Need I say more?
  • I think I grew to love him even more when I found myself defending him and reminding people that he existed, he was helpful and his fate was never acknowledged and Regina didn’t answer for her crimes.
  • His last words were the words of gratitude “Thank you.” I find it to be beautiful.
  • He felt something for Emma, and he felt it without his heart. Following Snow’s logic from season 3, he must have felt it with his soul. Whatever it was, it was pure and strong enough to break through the curse and it gave him his true identity back. And he was also a lost boy, abandoned by his parents, untrustful towards people. The minute he gave himself a chance to change, feel and trust, his life was taken away from him. His only happy ending was to regain his memories.
  • Pastry provider. Enough said. And he did help out in the animal shelter, despite that one time he didn’t.
  • He is pleasing to my eyes and I’m a fan of Jamie’s since Marie Antoinette.
  • He must have been a really great guy if Emma decided to wear his shoelace on her wrist and keep his jacket at the station.
  • He deserves justice and I’m gonna fight for it. I won’t let his sacrifice be in vain!



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TAG! YOU ARE IT! hey there, beautiful person! send this to 10 of your followers who really deserve this wonderful message, alrighty?? spread the love around and make everyone feel especially awesome today! ♥♥♥

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Thank you sweetheart! This made me smile first thing in the morning when I read it, which is an accomplishment because I am most certainly not a morning person!


side note; I just read the newest chapter of White Light on a Black Sea and AHHHHHHHH HE FOUND HER, and the “miss me?” at the end made laugh! I am so stoked for the next chapter! :-)

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